With Mom's Diner still serving up those delicious Monsters, we decided to pay them another visit.

Last month, we shared that Mom's Diner would be closed to to the passing of "Mom" herself, Bonnie Sue Hooper Free had passed away. That article can be found here.

It was devastating to learn that not only were we losing Mom, but quite possibly her legacy as well. That's why it was a sigh of relief to learn that the diner would not be closing.

We had to check it out to see if anything had been changed ... aesthetically, taste-wise, etc. Sure enough, it all felt and looked exactly the same. I got the Monster I, and James had to one-up me with the Monster II (Isn't he on a diet?). Anyway here's a funny video of why we make such a good comedy team.

Have you been back to Mom's in recent days? We only ever get the Mom's Monster so let us know what else is good on their menu?

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