The name Bonnie Sue Hooper Free might not ring a bell with you, but if you have ever eaten at Mom's dinner ... She is Mom.

A lot of us feel like we lost a friend. Her children will keep that dream alive and re-open soon. I had a chance meet "Mom" on a few occasions, eating at Mom's Dinner on Frank St. when it was in the old building. It was the last bastion for smokers to have a burger, and a smoke at the same time. Back then, that was me, but things changed. It's non-smoking like every other restaurant in town. It was an experience every time.

The Mom's Monster is a creation like none other. She might not have recognized me, as I was not a regular, but anytime I have friends or family from out of town it was the go-to place. Things will be getting back to normal soon.  But for now the family, many of whom work there will take this time to remember a life well lived.

Bonnie "Mom" was 78, and a mother of 7. Raised them with a dream to have her own restaurant. A dream that became a reality with the help of those children and her husband. She will be truly missed, and we will keep the family in our prayers.

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