It seems Coldplay has found their leading lady for the big game.

Let's be honest here, when Coldplay was announced as the Super Bowl halftime entertainment, much of the world sighed in disappointment, with many expressing their frustration online. And since we live in a world where social media is king, the producers behind the show deemed it necessary to find a fitting queen... THE queen, in fact.

Beyonce will be joining Chris Martin and crew at the big game.

It's unclear how much stage time Beyonce will receive, but we're guessing at least a few songs. She contributed to tow of their songs on their new album, A Head Full of Dreams. We would think she would perform "Hymn on the Weekend" and "Up & Up."

There have been plenty of reports and rumors that Bruno Mars will also be making an appearance, in addition to yet another guest. Bruno performed in 2014 and Beyonce took the stage in 2013.

It seems odd that Coldplay would invite so many people on stage who could have easily headlined themselves. Surely, they could handle the entertainment duties on their own, right?

The NFL postseason is already underway. The Super Bowl is set to take place on Sunday, February 7.