Okay, it's another hot East Texas day, and you are trying to stay cool.   Yesterday we talked about staying cool outside (most of those tips involve water) and we will have more of those to come, but today's hint is for inside.  I have a problem at my house, that it gets so hot the AC can't even keep up.  Try this hint!  Close your blinds and your curtains (you need to pick some of those up they really help) during the day to block the sun.  When you are buying blinds,  get aluminized blinds (or use removable sheets of cardboard cut to size and covered in foil,  it's pimp tight)  At night, open a couple of  windows and get that cooler night air blowing in.   I sometimes put some fans in the window, if it really is cooler outside than it is inside, but in East Teaxas this is a rare occurrence.  More tips to keep you from melting soon!