Though the twin cities are only a 30 minute drive away, they are different when it comes to crime statics. It's not a huge margin, but there is sometimes 50% less of certain crimes. 2019 crime data from the FBI compiled by Lawnstarter has some compelling information. Hutto is named the safest city in Texas. Their crime index is a 6.3 out of a possible 104.65. Lufkin by contrast is at a 73.79 and Nacogdoches is at 57.72.

This 16 point difference doesn't seem like much, but the reason Lufkin is higher includes a 2.1 out of 1,000 motor vehicle theft. That means one out of every 500 people got their car stolen in Lufkin. Nacogdoches is about half that at .9, so you have more of a chance to get your car stolen in Lufkin. They also have population of Lufkin, from an almost 10 year old census, at 35,937 and Nacogdoches at 33,703.

Nacogdoches was higher for murder in 2019, but that varies year to year, but was still not enough to put them over the top. So far in both cities, 2020 has been a pretty violent year. Lufkin and Nacogdoches don't even com close to the most Dangerous Cities in Texas. Lubbock at 104.65 and Houston at 99.49.

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This is great information to have, it's good to know that these things happen where we are. We don't need to be as worried as someone in some bigger cities. Austin as an exception has a crime index of 67, a little higher than Nac, and lower than Lufkin. We will see how that number changes as they grow, and population numbers change on reports like this next year after the 2020 Census.

Take a look for yourself, and draw your own conclusions, as you can choose and compare any city in the US on your own on the site.