Three months removed from being accused of rape after a show in Seattle, Wash., Nelly now faces two new allegations of sexual assault.

According to The Evening Standard, the rapper has filed court papers denying accusations in a complaint that alleges he raped a woman in Seattle last October and sexually assaulted two other women after shows in the U.K. back in 2016. Nelly filed the papers on Friday (Jan. 26).

Nelly's two most recent accusers are two American women who were in England at the time the incidents allegedly took place. The Daily Mail reports that one of the women is British, and that the other was an American stationed in England with the U.S. military. The Evening Standard says both women are Americans and that they were both stationed in England with the U.S. military. The incidents took place in June 2016 and December 2017, respectively, and the allegations surfaced in a report from The Daily Beast last Thursday (Jan. 24).

In The Evening Standard's report, one woman says he slid his hand up her dress and tried to keep her from leaving a room they were in. She says she was only able to escape after Nelly's security guard walked in. The second new accuser says the rapper trapped her in a bathroom and tried to force her to perform oral sex on him before she managed to escape.

According to court papers, one incident happened in London, while the other took place in Essex. Both accusers contacted, Karen K. Koehler, who is the attorney of Nelly's Seattle accuser, Monique Green, with their claims after reading about her client's accusation. Koehler told The Daily Beast that more than two women have contacted with allegations about the rapper stemming from the early 2000s, a period that marked his initial rise to stardom.

Prosecutors say they can't pursue criminal charges against Nelly because the woman who claims Nelly assaulted her in the bathroom has elected not to cooperate with authorities. She says it's because "she felt she could not stand up against the celebrity and the criminal justice system would fail her."

For his part, Nelly's lawyer Scott Rosenblum says the allegations against the rapper are "completely fabricated." Nelly countersued his first accuser last Friday (Jan. 26).

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