Who would have ever dreamed that the color swimsuit your child is wearing could actually prove to be dangerous to them?

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Taking to social media, TikTok user Nikki Scarnati gave us all some incredible advice when it comes to the color swimsuit you should never buy for your child!

In the video, which has literally been seen by millions, Nikki, a swimming teacher in Florida, explains why blue swimsuits are a no-no for your kids. So, why blue?

Still shot from TikTok video by springhillisr
Still shot from TikTok video by springhillisr

In Nikki's experience, those blue bathing suits are nearly impossible to see because they are about the same exact color as the bottom of most swimming pools.

@springhill.isr Just dont do it! Why think about which bathing suits for the splash pad? Just buy bright ones!! ☀️☀️ #selfrescue #selfrescueswimming #selfrescueswim #watersafety #drowningpreventionawareness #springhillisd ♬ original sound - Spring Hill ISR Nikki Scarnati

To demonstrate her point, Nikki bought a light blue bathing suit for her little girl, and as you can plainly see, she almost completely disappears in a field of blue, making it extremely difficult to keep track of them in the water.

A few other lifeguards commented on the TikTok video agreeing with Nikki's assessment and adding that pretty much any light pastel colors should be avoided.

Comments on TikTok video by springhillisr
Comments on TikTok video by springhillisr

Most feel that parents should make their kids' suit choices be as loud as possible including a number of bright colors like orange or red to make the child a lot easier to see.

Of course if you're swimming in any of our area lakes, I'd assume that blue would be a safe color, but you might avoid browns or darker colors for the same reasons.

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