Right in the same building as Floors N More there is a new business that compliments it. It's called Layered home. I stopped by and it's business as usual inside. I've been a lot of furniture stores, but this one's different. It's a design center. I have been to a couple of places that have this caliber of product and design, but they were usually in bigger cities, like Austin.

They of course sell furniture, but it was the accessories that caught my eye. Light fixtures, with lots of rubbed brass, and interesting textures. They set up the furniture in scenes. If you were looking to redo a room in your house, this would be just an easy way to plug in a design.

Interior designers become famous for telling a complete story with their art. This is what I would call all of this. There is art on the walls as well as the furniture. They had a huge pile of rugs on the floor, and I saw a few that caught my eye.

I don't really know anything about good design, but like everyone else I have my own personal taste. Mine is cold, grey, chrome and black. If you were hiring me as a designer, your house would not look super homey.

These designs give you that sense of home. I took pictures of almost the entire store, so if you see something you like look them up. I hear they just got a website, and are pretty easy to find on facebook.

If you know of any new places that are opening up, you can always message me from the app. Download it and I can't wait to hear from you.

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