There has been a lot of shoe news out of Nacogdoches lately. A specialty shoe store for sneakerheads called Universoles just opened, and now a nationwide family shoe store chain has its sights set on the oldest town in Texas.

The new place is called Shoe Sensation and has locations popping up all over the country. Their next grand opening is in Hereford, Texas south of Amarillo from November 11th - 13th.

They have a few locations that are a lot closer to Nacogdoches. Shoe Sensation has stores in Henderson, Canton, Corsicana south of Dallas, and Sulpher Springs east of Dallas.

Shoe Sensation Is Coming To Nacogdoches, Texas

This will be the furthest south that Shoe Sensation has ventured, and as of right now, I can only find 5 stores in the Lone Star State. That’s if you count the one in Hereford that hasn't opened yet.


Shoe Sensation looks like they are filling the gaps left by all the Payless shoe stores closing down. The difference is that they actually have lots of brand-name shoes like Hey Dude, Crocs, and Sketchers.

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Looking at their site they seem to have just about anything you would want, as long as it isn't Nike.

The Nacogdoches store is already hiring for a store manager and assistant manager online, and that was how we found out that they were coming to town. According to the listing on Linkedin, the store will be opening in the Spring of 2023.

So far there is no mention of where the store will be, except that it is slated for Nacogdoches. The locations mostly seem to be in strip malls, and there are quite a few new places that would be perfect for the retailer like the one that HTeaO is going into.

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