It's tea time in Nacogdoches again and this time it's an Amarillo-based chain that already has shops all over Texas. It's called HTeaO and it will soon add the oldest town to its list of locations.

They will be located at 123 East Austin Street off of North Street down from Walgreens. There have been a lot of improvements in that area, including the widening of the road making it much more inviting to investors.

This spot is already under construction, and there is a slab and some metal framing for what will one day be a new strip mall area. One of those unbuilt buildings will be the Nacogdoches HTeaO location.

Why Do I Want An HTeaO In Nacogdoches?

Nacogdoches just got their first chain tea shop just this past August. NobiliTea is pretty far away on University Drive, though there is plenty of room in the marketplace.

Being a Texas chain, HTea0 knows Texans like everything bigger. They offer tea in cups up to a massive 51 ounces. Every location has a drive-thru because who wants to get out in the heat?

They also know that the ice makes the drink, so they all use Scotsman icemakers. If you have ever had a drink at Sonic, you know the reason that is important. They also borrowed the happy hour from 2 pm - 4 pm and half-price drinks.

HTeaO Is Adding A New Franchise In Nacogdoches

HTeaO started as an addition to Gary & Kim Hutchens's burger restaurant, Buns Over Texas, in Amarillo in 2009. Now it's one of the fastest-growing tea brands in the south.

They have 27 flavors of tea with the Ryan Palmer and Pink Lemonade among some of their customers' favorites. They also have energy tea along with caffeine-free and unsweet tea options.

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They are already hiring, so if you want to make some tea you can just CLICK HERE. If you want to try some HTeaO for yourself ahead of time the closest location is in Tyler.

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