I am always looking for funny videos for you guys.  But I never really did it in a scientific way until now.
To find them, (NERD ALERT!) Google researchers worked with the YouTube Slam Team to develop an algorithm to rate the comedy value of YouTube videos.
Using criteria like the title, description and tags, and input from "trained classifiers," the team created a new version of their "YouTube Slam" challenge to allow users to rank the funniest videos.
Check out the "Top 9" video's below that topped the chart after 855,000 votes were cast.

Number 8 - If you scare me I am known to punch first and see what I hit later...so I get this.

Number 4 - Okay the sound effects might not have been real, but this is the first one that made me laugh out loud. Yeah, I'm gross.

Number 3 - I don't condone violence, but this kids brother was being a tool chest. Hope his Ipad was okay.

Here is number one! I don't think that ceiling fan is ever going to be the same again!

I had seen most of these so I am not a very good judge, but I don't know if the guys at Google got it right. I think the Hippo was the funniest, but I am a dude, so what do I know. Which one was your fave? Vote by posting below!

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