The 4th Of July falls on a Tuesday this year, so guess when the fireworks show is.

You guessed it, on Tuesday.

Most towns our size don't have a fireworks show on the day of the 4th. The reason is that there are only so many companies that put on these shows. But for years, the team at Mike Love and Associates make it all come together for us. The City of Lufkin, our Police, Fire, Street, Transportation, and pretty much every department the city work together to make this happen.

There will be live entertainment on the main stage, and it all gets going around 4 pm at Ellen Trout Park on the loop in Lufkin.

We also have a little bit to do with it here at the radio station. Choreographing the music for the fireworks, broadcasting the proceedings online, and stage duties to name a few. This all comes together perfectly every year, and even though I have some part in it, I am always amazed and enjoy the fireworks.  During part of the finale a few years back  I whipped out the video camera and caught a bit of the action for you.

The Zoo and the Z&OO railroad will be running. There will be tons of vendors. Just bring your blanket, or lawn chairs and get ready to see the biggest fireworks display in all of East Texas.


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