The Pie Five Restaurant in Lufkin opened in 2017, and closed down in 2019, without a clear reason.

I believe it was the prices the Dallas chain charged. They were just a little out of sync with what you got for the money.

The location on the other hand is brilliant. There are many thriving business in that area, so what's next for that space?

What Is The New Restaurant? 

There was speculation that someone would take that great retail space pretty quickly, and now we have a definitive answer. The Catch, a local chain from the Tyler/Longview area will be going in soon.

They should be ready to serve food sometime in November. That's a pretty brisk pace, but I think they can do it.

About The Restaurant 

The Catch has been operating around the Longview area since 1985. They serve up hand breaded and battered seafood, grilled seafood, along with seasonal favorites like crawfish.

There are currently 2 locations - 1 in Longview, and 1 In Tyler. The concept is working there, and Longview is a lot like a larger Lufkin. Things that work there should work here.

The Menu

Looking around the menu the prices and the amount of food you get for your money is more inline with Lufkin sensibilities. You could stop in and get a cup of Gumbo, for only $5.99

They have shrimp Po Boys for $8.99, the same price as the Shrimp Tacos. Get a Jumbo sized, Jumbo Shrimp basket for $14.99

The menu items that were most interesting to me, were their family deals. You could feed a large family, out the door, for around $50 or $60.

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