It's hot here in Deep East Texas, and who wants to cook inside? We've got you covered with our July Grillin' Giveaway Powered by Truss and Son Plumbing. It's going on now here on the K-Fox 955 App.

Just click on the Win Stuff link labeled July Grillin' and you will be on your way to winning in no time. I've already gotten the prizes here at the station and you are going to want this!

This prize package has a little bit of everything to keep you summer ready. Especially if you like free stuff, just for clicking around the app.


I'm going to start the list off with the biggest prize on the list. Prefect to take with you on your outdoor adventures. The Solo Stove Ultimate Bundle.

You can go from box to burger in 30 minutes with this one. Comes with the stand and tons of extras to get your grilling on with the family outdoors.

In case you didn't get everything you wanted in the Solo Ultimate Bundle, we are also throwing in a $100 gift certificate to Kelly's Truck Parts. Get something for your porch with that.

The prefect addition to that is this custom Bud Light cooler. It's as lit as the grill, and will go perfectly in your next Bud Light Beer Poster TicTok Challenge photo shoot.

How To Win

You are already halfway there, you are here and reading this, so you just have to stay here on the app and click the award button in the middle of the home page.

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Then get entries by getting social with us. Share the prize package and get more entries. CLICK HERE 

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