Getting the K-Fox Suburban loaded up right now for the Nacogdoches Lighted Christmas parade. We got a wreath on the front and some blue lights on top. I hope next year to have some crazy lights on the vehicle all the time. I was going to shine the 22's for you, but it kept raining, so they still cool. Just not very shiney. But enough about me.

Parade starts at 6:30pm sharp and the parade route winds around the brick streets downtown. My buddies Steve Rixx and Sean Ericson are going to be MCing the parade from various points along the route. But I will be nice and toasty warm. Waving at you. So just remember when you are out there freezing cold I will be nice and toasty with my thermos full of Complete Nutrition Mint Chocolate Shake. I wonder if I should warm it up. Santa will be waving at the end. Going to be cold so bundle up!

After the parade we are going to watch a fireworks display and watch Home Alone so stick around!