John Bel Edwards lifted our Stay at Home order and the Office Cast got together again. Today was a good day.

Over the last few months, we haven't had many things to smile about... However, that all changed today, I can't stop smiling! Not only does our Stay at Home order come to an end on Friday, but my favorite TV show ever got together again, kind of.

For those living under a rock, John Krasinski has easily been one of the shining stars of our quarantine. Let's face it, the guy was already on top. Directing one of the wildest and most popular horror films of our time, A Quiet Place, after starring in one of the best TV shows of all time. During this quarantine, though, he took it up a notch, hosting his own YouTube show called "TGN" or The Good News for short. Every time he uploads a video, it goes absolutely viral as they always feature hilarious celebrities and great, heartwarming videos from across the world.

Today's episode, however, might go down as his very best, and I guarantee it will have the most views.

During today's episode, John introduced a couple who had just got engaged. For their engagement, they recreated Jim and Pam's gas station engagement from The Office. While chatting with them on Zoom, John let them know he had recently been ordained and he was about to virtually marry them. He then conferences in their parents and friends, as well as a friend of his own, Jenna Fischer AKA Pam Beesly. He didn't stop there, after the "ceremony", he fired of Chris Brown's "Forever" and introduced the entire cast of The Office.

If you're a fan of the show, this clip will definitely make you smile and laugh, and it just might make you cry!


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