If there is one sound of summer in Texas, it's flip flops slapping on heels.  Everywhere.

Old Navy will have flip flops for one dollar soon, it's in-store only. Here's what you need to know.

During the dollar flip flop sale, Old Navy usually has bargain hunters at the door waiting to get in, and they extend the store hours.

That's code for take your smart phone or fidget spinner to the checkout line because you might be standing there with thirty minutes of idle time.  And, if want to run in quick for a basic tee and some clearance jeans, you might want to save it for another weekend.

Several sale-watching blogs have announced the $1 flip flop sale will happen for Old Navy card holders on May 27th and 28th.  Memorial Day weekend.

Everyone else will have the chance to buy flip flops for a buck too, and those dates haven't been announced yet, but it usually happens in June.  FreebieMom predicts June 24th.  Last year it was June 25th.

So how much are the flip flips right now anyway?  Usually around $3.94, according to Old Navy.com.

So if you're feeling like a big spender you can avoid the crowds by getting them now for less than a sub sandwich.  But if you have three kids that are constantly losing track of flips flops and a dog that chews them up and you need a spare pair by the back door and you're thinking of investing in 12 pair to get you through June, it might pay off to stand in line at the sale.

Have a great summer!

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