Olivia Munn has a cameo in the upcoming Ocean’s Eight, an all-female take on Steven Soderbergh’s Ocean’s movies starring George Clooney. Sandra Bullock is taking the Clooney role this time, and has assembled a motley crew of female stars to perform her high-stakes heist. Munn wants everyone to know that she’s not in the movie, per se, but she does have a small bit in one scene. And that small bit cost her a whole lot of money.

While chatting with Entertainment Weekly Radio, Munn described how she bought a dress for her scene, which is at the Met Gala, only to be told that she wouldn’t be getting any money back for it from the studio.

It actually cost me money to be part of Ocean’s Eight. It’s a whole scene at the Met Ball. They’re like do your own glam and I got the dress and all that and then you submit the bills for it because I’m part of your movie. And then they’re [the producers] like, ‘Oh no, the bills come right back to you.’

But it’s fine, she’s not mad about it (she says). Ocean’s Eight’s big heist will take place during the annual Met Gala, where all of Hollywood’s A-listers don themed gowns and tuxedoes and their designers are allowed to be as creative and weird as they want.

Munn also spoke about the film coming out in the shadow of the Ghostbusters controversy, and said that it’s unfair of Hollywood to keep giving men chances to make middling movies, and rarely give women an opportunity to make really good ones.

You see all these guys who keep falling up. They do crappy movie after crappy movie, they just keep getting more and more chances and it's really obnoxious that if there’s a female lead or a female director, it’s like, you got one shot. No we don’t!

Amen, sister. Ocean’s Eight hits theaters June 8, 2018.

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