With April Fool's Day tomorrow, watch out for the tricks and pranks today at the office.

Twenty-five percent of workers are willing to risk getting fired to pull one over on you at work.

Let's see....one in four co-workers are willing to pull a prank today.  I bet one particular ornery co-worker of yours just popped into your mind.  I won't mention any names, but let's just say the most likely one around here is a guy!  Men are more likely than women to pull a fast one, don't you think ladies?  At least with that perception, we can sneak up on everyone and surprise their butts with some strategically placed air horns underneath the adjustable office chair seats.

Facebook will be full of fake tattoos, fake vacations, fake engagements, and on April Fool's Day.  So tomorrow may be a good day for a social media detox.  Sixty-nine percent of people plan to be involved in some sort of April foolery tomorrow.  Ladies, if your man gets down on one knee and pops the question tomorrow, ask a lot of questions before you cry and say yes.

Some fun April Fool's prank ideas for kids involve changing up the same ole foods to look like different things and freak out their taste buds.  Like make potatoes and gravy look like an ice cream sundae with caramel sauce.  Or freeze the morning cereal so they can't penetrate that frozen milk.

Other ideas - put a For Sale sign in your front yard and freak out your spouse.  Put food coloring on the faucet spout so the water is blue or green when it comes out.  Or tie poppers to door handles so there's a snap or a bang when it opens.  Noises are funny.

Lufkin police remind you to be smart of course.  A little fun with duct tape, air horns, and food coloring is pretty harmless, but if you start trespassing and stealing animals and things, it can get ugly.  Judges don't tend to buy the April Fool's excuse.

On that note, have fun!

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