Some of these "on trend" gravestone items aren't necessarily deceased in my humble opinion.

Every Halloween there is a healthy competition among neighbors when it comes to decorations. We want to be noticed for being the scariest, cutest, or most clever. One man in New York has definitely won an award in my book for his cleverness.

R.I.P. to the trends of 2017.

According to ABC News, Michael Fry, created a graveyard in front of his home in Mamaroneck. Instead of paying respect to the lives of people, he created gravestones for things like "ombre hair", "dabbing", and "Payless"... OUCH!

That's right. The trends of 2017 are dead and gone according to Michael. His goal was to create something eye-catching that wasn't offensive, but could give someone a good laugh. Well, it worked.

Except I don't think that #RoseAllDay is necessarily dead. At least it's not dead in my house. Well... now that I think about it, I may have been celebrating with the ghost of rose... (insert the laugh of Large Marge here).

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