Have you ever had a great teacher that changed your life? A great person that just goes above and beyond for all the kids in their class? Those are the kind of teachers that we need more of. The Kidd Kraddick morning show is picking 8 deserving teachers to win $500 for their class.

Earlier today on the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show, a Lufkin ISD teacher was selected as an Overachieving Teacher. Congratulations to Charlotte Drinkard from Lufkin Middle School. She embodies all of the traits that you want in a teacher. She was on the show today, and was so inspirational to everyone here at the station.

She entered to win at www.kiddnation.com and I am so glad she did. Mrs.Charlotte's cool enough to go by her first name, and does everything she can to make virtual and in-class learning fun for everyone, and she's doing it with a positive attitude. Just listen to her outlook and her words of encouragement for all teachers. She believes that she has the best job in the world. It's this positive outlook that we need more of! We surprised her with $500 to incorporate lights and headphones in her classroom to help students with difficulty hearing and seeing.

I was excited to hear that one of the 8 teachers was from right here in Deep East Texas. There are so many deserving teachers, so they are doing all of the entries as a drawing. That makes it even more amazing that she won, and is such an awesome teacher. Thanks Mrs.Charlotte for everything that you are achieving with the kids at Lufkin Middle School. We all appreciate the hard work you have been doing! I know she will put these funds to good use.

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