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  • Jimmy Pierce Designs in Hutto, Texas is the place to get a 'proper' hat.
  • Get the hat that you have always wanted as you watch this master at work.
  • Jimmy Pierce makes custom hats inspired by movies and television.

Like many guys who just finished binge-watching Yellowstone, I knew I needed a cowboy hat. I stopped into a western wear chain store and picked one up off of the wall.

I don't remember if they even tried to custom-fit the hat to my head, but it fit and I left happy. Luckily I didn't spend much on the hat because I only wore it once, and it just sits on the shelf in my closet.

If I had gotten a hat custom-made for me by Hutto, Texas resident Jimmy Pierce, I feel I might have worn it every day. Though they are more expensive, you could pay even more for a less personal service.

This Hat Shop In Hutto, Texas Makes A Custom Hat For An Englishman

TikToker Oli Pettigrew is building quite the brand being a proverbial fish out of water. His commentary about things we do here in the Lone Star State really makes you see how unique we are.

This proper Englishman now lives in Texas and needed a proper hat. That led him to Jimmy Pierce and his shop in Hutto, outside of Austin.

Pierce has been making custom hats since 1998 according to communityimpact.com.


The personal touches and everything that went into making the hat were amazing to see. I might have to make a trip to Hutto, as now I know where the best of the best are made.

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