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If you are planning on acting out in Texas and "finding out" if some of our laws hold up in the real world, you might be in for a rude awakening. Keeping your hands to yourself is a given, but what you say to an officer or citizen could also end you up in jail.

Freedom of speech only goes so far in the Lone Star State and there are limitations. If you are putting someone else's freedom on the line by exercising that right, you could be silenced and punished.

All these things fall under the very broad spectrum of disorderly conduct. It could be a noise complaint or a full-blown fight in a public place.

You Might Get Off On A First Offense Of Disorderly Conduct In Texas 

There are some misdemeanors that just rank higher than others. Disorderly conduct is so broad that you can actually be arrested for it.

Even if an officer didn't see you commit the offense, it is completely up to their discretion to detain you. This multi-purpose misdemeanor charge could put you in the back of a patrol car for swearing at a police officer in Texas.

According to mytexasdefenselawyer.com, if you use "fighting words" to provoke someone and pair that with an obscene gesture, you might just be calling someone to bail you out.

First-time fines start at around $500 for the following offenses that are all under the disorderly conduct umbrella:

  • Abusive Language
  • Obscene Gestures
  • Unreasonable Odors
  • Verbal Abuse
  • Unreasonable Noises
  • Fighting
  • Brandishing Or Firing A Weapon
  • Display Your Private Parts
  • Peeping Tom

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