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I was born and raised going to church in Texas. My mother played piano, and my dad "led the singing" for small churches when they needed someone to fill in.

I actually credit much of what I know about life to the first 18 years spent going to church every time the door opened. Running the soundboard in a church might be why I became a DJ in the first place.

My friends and I at church were all likely too loud and ran up and down the halls and generally made ourselves a nuisance. Even as kids we would never have thought to do any of these things on this list.

New Distractions In Texas Churches Causing Chaos 

Some things people do in churches are just the worst and will tear down everyone there. Things like gossip and ignoring visitors have been going on for hundreds of years.

Digital distractions really started getting into the mix as recently as just 20 years ago. We live in a connected world, and every last person has an entire computer in their pocket and on their wrist.

Playing games, checking email, texting, and cellphone calls disrupting a sermon are new situations that pastors and priests have to deal with. Singing quietly off-key on purpose during the hymns was about as disruptive as I ever dared to be.

Texas has some of the greatest little churches, and almost all of them are very welcoming and loving. See if you have witnessed any of these bad actors at church in Texas.

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