It's not just cloudy weather that we are experiencing here in East Texas. We knew it was on it's way, and today and tomorrow will be the haziest. The effects of the dusting made itself known early this afternoon. People on social media are noticing it's effects.

Today Texas Governor Greg Abbot put all the bars in Texas back out of commission. We don't need libations to form a hazy outlook for at least the next 24 hours. It will reach peak saturation over our area overnight tonight, and tomorrow.

The hazy effects of the saharan dust will make it's way out of our area by late night Saturday. It will be moving north west at a pretty good clip. Florida has already seen the dramatic effects of the dust. It blocked out the horizon on beaches. Not clouds, pollution, or fog, but the same dust we are experiencing that originated in Central Africa.

The particles that are causing this are tiny. Not quite corona virus tiny, but since you already have a mask handy, if you are headed outside for the next few days, you might as well put it on. The tiny particles are actually worse for you than large particles. The bigger particles get lost early in traveling across the Atlantic.

Though we get a fair amount of Saharan dust every year, this time things are especially hazy. This will be the worst it's been since records were started in 2002 on the dust. Outside everything looks very strange, and very amber colored. This will make for some dramatic sunset pictures coming out over the next few days.




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