A few folks have been reporting what appears to be scammers pretending to be with AT&T.

If you get a phone call, no matter what, if someone asks for your credit card or debit card information don't do it. Especially if you get an automated call.

Remember, if you have to give that information to verify who you are, YOU are the one one that initiated the phone call.

Think of it like when you are getting pulled over. The police won't penalize you if you wait to pull over in a well populated and lit area. They don't even mind if you call the police to verify the person pulling you over is a real cop. Your cell phone company, that you actually pay every month, won't be mad at you if you stop the conversation and say you will call back after looking the number yourself.

I have had this happen to me, and I can tell you when you call, they are VERY good, and try to seem legit.

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