With the holidays coming up fast, the scammers are out in force. I would advise NOT to purchase anything off of the street ever, but especially this holiday season. Not everything you think you may be buying on the street is “legit.” It might even be stolen.

This woman in North Texas was scammed out of $200 when she purchased what she thought was an Apple iPad. In actuality what she got was a mirror wrapped up to look like the gadget.

The woman in this video was at a gas station in Texas when she approached by a stranger offering to sell her an iPad for just $200. With the holidays approaching, the woman thought this was a great deal, that until she opened up the package. As she and her sister opened up the package, after the man left of course, they found that they had been taken advantage of. What the ladies actually bought for $200 was a mirror wrapped up in paper to make it look like an iPad.

If a deal seems to good to be true, it usually is. So steer clear of this, and get your Ipad like everyone else...on Craigslist! lol.