Who says we live in a paperless world?

The graduating seniors at Basha High School, in Chandler, Ariz., have become internet superstars after a video of them taking part in a tradition in which they dump all their papers left from the school year has gone viral. It's a blizzard of looseleaf papers, typed papers and pop quizzes the likes of which you won't see outside of Dunder Mifflin's stock room.

Student Jordan White captured the scene, which has clearly connected with people. The clip has been liked more than 75,000 times (and counting) and become a lighthearted moment for a country on edge with all sorts of other issues.

The tradition has been around since 2006 and, as the Arizona Republic points out, the papers don't stay on the ground too long:

"The mess is cleaned up. Garbage bags are handed out immediately after seniors flee. Mostly underclassmen, thinking about when they'll be on the steps with their friends for one last hurrah, pick up the papers."

And there's even more good news: White says no one suffered any paper cuts.

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