It's back, no shave November. You might notice a few of your male friends have a few days growth. The Lufkin Police Department is participating this year to raise money for the Blue Santa program.

Blue Santa takes nominations from Lufkin ISD school counselors to provide gifts for over 50 students as funding allows. $100 covers Christmas for one child on Blue Santa's list. If you would like to help out you can also donate to the Lufkin Police Department. Cash or Checks payable to LPD cares can be brought or mailed to the department.

LPD Cares
300 E. Shepherd Ave
Lufkin, TX 75904

As of right now, 32 officers have traded $100 so they don't have to shave. Yes, the men  in blue, don't have beards because it's part of the uniform. They aren't just all guys that hate beards. I've got a pretty full beard, and I know that it must be a pain to shave every day. I am glad they are out there taking care of business, while I let my facial hair get out of control. It's the little things.

Just four days in things are getting a little hairy. If you see a LPD officer looking a little fuzzier than usual, now you won't be surprised. If you never noticed, you will also see naked faces at the Lufkin Fire Department as well. Though beards are all the rage these days, they get in the way of firefighters jobs. Facial hair can affect the seal of the breathing mask firefighters wear.

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