This morning on the way in to work, I was greeted by a hint of normalcy. To go from a day where everything is up in the air, to the see something so routine for the City of Lufkin was a relief. Though you can barely see the white snowflake that crews are putting up above the road, it is there. You can see this one around the side entrance of McDonalds on South First St.

This is something that really marks the start of the holiday season for me. This year once again I am positive that all the lights will be up, and though perhaps not in front of the mall, Rudolph will be pumping somewhere. All this together with the lights downtown, make for a lot of memories in Lufkin.

Though 2020 seems like it might never end, once the calendar flips to 2021 not much will have changed. It feels like we collectively haven't lived much life in 2020. The mundane things that we did year after year that just always happened, seemed like a drudgery most times. In their absence this year, it seems we have been at a standstill. Just waiting for something to change.

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I will take this same old holiday decoration downtown as a sign.  Things are going to get better in 2021. I am thankful for the time to think and breathe in 2020, instead of just being always on the go. It has helped me take stock of what is important, and where everything is heading for my life. Right now I am headed towards things getting back to normal. However far away that may be.

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