It’s called the “super worm moon”, and you can see it on March 9th. There’s a lot in this name, so let’s break it down.

Super: This is in reference to this being a super-moon, meaning it will appear bigger and brighter than a normal full moon. The moon as we know rotates around the earth, not in a perfect circle, but rather more of an elliptical shape. There is a point in which the moon is closest to the earth, called the perigee. There’s also a point in which the moon is furthest from the earth, called the apogee. On March 9th the moon will appear bigger and brighter because the moon is closer to the earth than it normally is. This makes it appear brighter and bigger, however you’d have to hold up side by side pictures to really tell the difference.

Worm: Each month a full moon has a name. January’s full moon is the wolf moon, February is the snow moon, and March is the worm moon. Way back when, full moons were used to track the seasons and for this reason related closely to nature. Many of them stem from Native American cultures.

The moon officially reaches its peak fullness at 1:48 p.m., however the sun will obviously be up at that time, so we’ll have to wait until the evening to see this Super Worm Moon.

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