Last week we published a story and a video on how you could win a Nintendo Classic Mini from us.

We really want you to download our new app, but if the process is too awkward, we'll take your submissions from Facebook comments or from this form;

We've got this prize at the station, and each day it sits here, we're tempted to open and play it. So it's up to you all to save us from this nightmare.

Make the picture funny, or simply just give us a heartfelt look at what you hold dear. We'll take the submissions, and put them into a gallery for people to vote on. The sooner this Nintendo is out of our hands the better.

For instance, if WE were able to enter our own contest, we would submit something like this;


Or maybe, let our pain give you something to smile about with an image like this;


Actually, we'd lose the sad weirdo, and go with a fan favorite;


Grumpy Cat doll NOT included.

So however you spice it up, send us a picture of something or someone that you love so the community can get their votes in and you can start playing your brand new Nintendo Classic Mini.

We'll stop gathering pictures on March 14th, so send your picture today!

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