The Kfox 955 mobile app is live and we've thought of a cool way to test it out.

Go to the iTunes store or Google Play in your phones and find the free Kfox 955 mobile app. Download it to your device and submit photos of your favorite things. We want to know what you love!

We'll make an epic gallery with the submissions, and let our audience vote on who should win the prize.

We'll stop gathering photos on March 14th.

What's the prize you ask?

We're giving away a Nintendo Classic Mini along with an extra controller! I'd like to make a retraction from my video ... Apparently these things aren't that hard to find, but hey, who cares? We're giving it away for free, and showing off your sweet pics on our station website. It's a win win situation. Until you turn on Mario Bros. and remember how challenging it is. Then it's a win lose situation.


You can either use a photo you've got saved in your phone or take a brand new pic for us!


For the next part, you may have to swipe through your apps until you get a usable option. For us, we sent the image through email.


Please keep your submissions SFW (Safe for work). We'll create a gallery of East Texas' favorite things, and let the audience vote on their favorite.


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