Healthcare can be a scary proposition for you during the Covid-19 era. A great way to get around going somewhere to get a flu shot, is to get it right in your car. I don't think I have ever gotten a shot though the window of my car. I guess there is always a first time.

The Stephen F. Austin University School Of Nursing has gotten together with East Texas Community Health Services Inc. to say 'Boo To the Flu'. They are offering Free Flu Shots right in the drive through. 3pm - 7pm Wednesday, October 7th though Friday, October 9th, and 9am to 5p Saturday October 10th 2020.

Stephen F. Austin State University School of Nursing is having the event in Nacogdoches at the SFASU Richard and Lucille DeWitt School of Nursing at 5707 North Street. SFA Nursing Students, and ETCHC will be there making it all happen

Going to the doctors office for a flu shot, is sometimes a bit of an imposition. Everyone has to get their flu shot every year. That means a lot of doctor visits. Getting the flu shot every year is a great idea. It can reduce symptoms, and the side effects are mild to nonexistent. Getting a flu shot might even save you from a Heart Attack.

The Influenza vaccine has prevented millions of people from getting the flu. Though the sucess rate for any flu shot isn't 100 percent, it's your best bet at fighting the seasonal flu. Prevention is now more than ever a huge deal. I guess all I would have to do is roll up my sleeve and roll down my window.

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