Lufkin Parks and Recreation Department is offering classes to improve your dancing skills, or start that future cheerleader in your family. If you are looking to get better and make a difference with some great classes for these skills, this would be perfect. Especially to get ready for middle school tryouts next year. If you are watching all your friends from the stands, get a leg up, and start getting better.

Sign ups are going on until Friday for the next session of gymnastics, cheer, and dance classes.  To get in on all the classes listed below, call Lufkin Parks and Rec to sign up, 936-633-0250. I am sure there are stipulations for some of these offerings, so call first before you get all your hopes up. They start dancing classes at only 1 year old, so if you are behind this is a great way to get caught up.

Dan Patrick

I actually took Gymnastics at the Lufkin Parks and Recreation center back in the day, I was a tumbling fool. It helps with coordination and lots more. They had a giant trampoline in the room, and occasionally we got to jump on it, that is all I really remember. I know I i did a lot of forward rollls. So many butterfly stretches, so many.