Last night (March 26), the late Doe B's former manager, DJ Frank White, made a pretty bold accusation against T.I., alleging that the Grand Hustle boss is still making money off the fallen Alabama rapper. Predictably, the Paper Trail artist has clapped back at the inflammatory accusation.

In an Instagram post with a screenshot of what appears to be virtual bank account information detailing the distribution of revenue related to Doe B's music, T.I. shot down the idea that he'd ever want or need to profit off the late rapper, who was signed to Tip's Grand Hustle imprint at the time of his death. In the photo, we see that 50 percent of the funds purporting to be from Doe B's music go to the estate of Glenn Thomas. "Glenn Thomas" is Doe B's government name.

"Anyone wondering where my Lil bro @cbmdoeb money goes.... 1.To his Estate 50% 2.Frank White @djfwhite 25% 3. Loyalty Promotions (Franks Mgnt partners)25% .... @djfwhite why u taking Lil bro bread & actin like it's us? Remember champ... Grand Hustle/Hustle Gang ain't never gotta steal rob or cheat ANY ARTIST... because if it all goes bad,on our worst day.... WE GOT a TI!!!!! #BigOleFacts #MissMeWitDaFuqShit," reads the caption for T.I.'s post.

White responded with yet another Instagram post directed at the rapper. In the post, which includes a picture of Tip speaking at Doe B's funeral, he promised to provide proof the Atlanta MC has, in fact, been making money off his client.

"Yall relax... let me get the paperwork together to show you.. you know he trying to cover it up. I got em. Please be patient. Love you Doe... the people who has all the details i have already text. I would rather not nAme them amd get them involved.. however if they dont send methe breakdowns. You all will learn a lot #onGod," Frank wrote in the Instagram post.

Tip and DJ Frank White have been going back-and-forth ever since, and considering the weight of the former's claim, we don't expect this one to end any time too soon. You can see the rest of their extensive Instagram battle, including a screenshot of the Frank White Instagram post that started the Internet war, below.

A little while back, the album cover for Doe B's forthcoming posthumous project No Life After Death—which features an image of the rapper in his casket—caused a ton of controversy. Frank White was the person responsible for uploading the cover to Instagram. Doe B's album is all set to drop on June 13.

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