Earlier this week, 21 Savage called out OG rappers for talking down on the younger ones for making music about heavy drug use. The message was received pretty well, and now, 21's OG ATL counterpart, T.I., has stepped forth to support 21's message.

Addressing Slaughter Gang rapper's thoughtful tweet, which claimed that rappers from every generation used drugs or talked about selling them, Tip explained why he agreed with 21,  citing a few classic rap offerings to make his point.

"@21savage lil bro speaking real truth tho," said Tip, who uploaded a screenshot of 21's original post. "The fact of the matter is... There's been good,bad, great,mediocre artists,&otherwise in EVERY generation .... Even ours(2000s) , The Founding era (80s) & the golden era of the 90s. They're not the only generation to make "user music" either. Can anyone remember a Lil album called "The Chronic"? Or hit Recs like "Sippin on some Sizzurp".... Regardless of the subject matter...This is THEY TIME. Couldn't nobody tell us how to run ours,or make us sound how they thought we should... Live ya life & do ya stuff young'n. Just bare with us,&try to understand .... y'all niggaz kinda different & take some getting used to. As the elders gotta understand they're SUCCESS JUSTIFIES the CHANGE. The Numbers DONT LIE!!! Can't hate on that.‍♂️."

The subject of drug use and the perceived glorification of it once again permeated the rap game's collective consciousness when Lil Peep died after a suspected drug overdose last week. Russ recently engaged in a lengthy Twitter rant about his problems with drug user music. Smokepurpp called him a "bitch" a short time afterwards.

Take a look at  21 Savage's orginal message and T.I.'s response to it below.

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