The combination of brisket and pickles might take a little getting use to for some of us, but it usually isn't long before we realize it's pretty good.  What about brisket and....a Ferris wheel?  One Texas BBQ joint is gaining lots of attention for this strange combo.

It's not too shocking to see little occasional kiddie rides out in front of some barbecue joints -  like those coin-operated ponies that kids can't walk by without begging parents to fire up.

But a Ferris Wheel?  This attraction one-ups the pony for sure. is onto one Dallas barbecue restaurant that serves up Ferris Wheel rides with the smoked sausage and brisket.

Ferris Wheelers Backyard and BBQ just opened this fall in the Dallas Design District, and it's no gimmick.  They're serious about thrills, from both the Ferris Wheel and the smoked beans.  The menu is legit, with smoked chicken and brisket, sausage, and all of the Texas barbecue must-haves that we would expect, along with southwestern potato salad, smoked green beans, and some jalapeño bacon slaw.  Oh, and beer and live music too.

This sounds like a big, wild adventure in barbecue that we might add to our calendars once or twice a year, especially since it requires a road trip.  So here's the advantage that East Texas barbecue joints have in the meantime -- focus!  Our barbecue restaurants concentrate on the menus, and cranking out the best possible food that they can.  And we show up in droves because it's awesome.  Without the carnival attractions.

But this Dallas spot is something to marvel at just because it's an odd combo.  Wanna ride that Ferris Wheel after downing a heaping plate of brisket, potato salad, and a couple of beers?  At your own risk.  And look out below.

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