Dan And Jim Play Worlds Dumbest Game
For some reason the game "Basket Case" ended up on my desk. I never read the box, put the thing on my head, and joy left my face. To call this game pointless, would be giving it undeserved credit.
Pokemon Warnings
'Pokemon Go' came out of nowhere and in less than a week it's about to surpass Twitter in the number of active users on android! That's truly unbelievable for an app that was just released last Thursday!
Baby Jams Out on Guitar! Real Or Fake? [VIDEO]
For some reason I am absolutely entranced by anyone but a long haired guy playing guitar.  Been watching hot chicks and young kids playing guitar on you tube a lot.  But now in my viewing I have come up with this.  Some people comment that this is just a commercial for the video game …
We Are Sometimes Easily Entertained [LINK]
I remember as a kid playing with springy door stops.  Our house was full of them.  It always made a very satisfying  sound. I think we have some in our current house as well.  But for some reason these days I am not all about getting on my stomach on the floor and playing with th…