For some reason the game "Basket Case" ended up on my desk. I never read the box, put the thing on my head, and joy left my face. To call this game pointless, would be giving it undeserved credit.

When you put the words "Basket Case" into google nothing about this game even starts to show up. There is apparently no Wikipedia page for it either. I can't find the origin of the game, or why it exists. I think it's only purpose is to make the user look ridiculous.

I thought after watching the video we made while using this apparatus, aka "the game," that their had to be something more to this. It can't be that you just put the hoop on your head, and throw balls at yourself. Yep, that this it.  There are no rules, just strap a hoop to your head, and start throwing balls up there.

So this is truly pointless, I am glad now that I made the grumpy cat face though most of the video. So if you get amusement from me putting a plastic hoop on my head, and throwing balls at my noggin take a second and take a look. As an added bonus I threw balls at my buddy Jim, missing on purpose, while it's on his head.

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