Drew Brees and One Direction for Pepsi [VIDEO]
New Orleans Saints' Drew Brees and British sensations One Direction are making history for Pepsi! They've always had some pretty cool commercials. After all, who can forget Michael Jackson's Pepsi generation commercials? Or Britney, Pink and Beyonce rocking Pepsi gladiator style?
Nicki Minaj Is the Face of ‘Pop’
Looks like Nicki Minaj has gone pop after all — but not the way you’re thinking. Known for big hair, big hits and big curves, the Harajuku Barbie can add a big endorsement deal to the mix. The ‘Roman Reloaded’ rapper is the pink-lipsticked face of Pop, a new Pepsi beverage, and it’s earning her a cool seven figures.
Old Sofia Vergara Commercial from the 90’s [VIDEO]
Just the other day, we were enjoying this 90s commercial Sofia Vergara did for Pepsi and today another old commercial featuring the curvaceous actress has surfaced. And, yes, she's in a bikini again. Check out this 1998 spot for Bally fitness, which may be somewhat NSFW due to the part where Sofia Vergara is in a bikini.