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While most of us have developed our own systems of "red flags" indicating to us that certain positions or companies might not be in our best interest to pursue, other signs might arise showing that this is indeed the perfect position or company to call home.

To aid this effort, the website, Buzzfeed, recently asked their audience to  share some "Green Flags" they had spotted in job interviews that were positive indicators that this was a good place to work.

Some of the responses were easily recognizable, but a few were more subliminal and required a little more insight to see their merits.

These responses were definitely worth watching for and could indicate that this is the job for you!

One of those was "low turnover rate." When hearing this, we need to understand that this is probably a great place to work as it shows employee satisfaction. When someone comes to work here, they tend to stay.

As you enter the workplace if you see employees talking or laughing, it indicates a good, overall employee morale and a fun environment.

You might also inquire of how the position became available. If it's due to a promotion instead of a termination, that's a great sign.

If the interviewer lists opportunities for advancement and pay raises, you'll know this isn't a dead end.


If no one is wearing a suit and most are dressed casually, or you see employees taking breaks, this lends itself to being a more relaxed environment.

If the receptionist is friendly, immediately take note that they must be enjoying their job and you likely would as well.

Some other indicators include being told by the interviewer that it's okay to make mistakes or if the interviewer is willing to tell you the worst part of the job they must be confident that positives of the position far outweigh its negatives.

One other thing to look for would be if the interview process includes a test or exercise to check your abilities. This is good in that if the job is right for you, your test score will reflect it. If not, you probably won't score very well.


Take a look at the complete list of responses at Buzzfeed.com

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