East Texas has some great spooky spots, but if you really want to freak yourself out, take this haunted journey on what some say is the scariest road in the entire state. Have you heard what's happening on Bragg Road?

Bragg Road is found in Saratoga, about 38 miles northwest of Beaumont, and the land around an 8-mile stretch of road is said to be haunted.  People have seen white lights and ghostly figures there at night over the years, after a man died in a tragic accident. The legend goes that he returns frequently to remind travelers of his untimely demise.

The land used to have a railroad on it, and many years ago the conductor was be-headed in a derailing accident.  These days, people say his ghost carries a bright light at night -- the lantern that used to be on the front of the train.  The website, Only In Your State, says the light is pretty easy and routine to spot.

There are signs posted along Bragg Road that talk about the history of the railroad and the conductor, but the print on the signs is pretty small.  When it gets dark outside, those signs become hard to read and that means you have to pull over and get out of the car and walk up to them to really soak them in.  And BOO!  You'll probably encounter that white light once you're out of the car.

I've held it in til now.  This adventure sounds like the worst idea ever!!!!  I like to think the world is full of puppies and green, rolling meadows, and that nothing is ever scary.  So you go first, and I'll watch your social media accounts for a report on this unnerving, torturous adventure.  Unless it's just the car headlights that are shining the white light. Hmm.

If you like it when things freak your freak, you'll love this road trip and that's why I thought I'd mention it.  It's about an hour and a half drive from Lufkin, and it could be just the summer adventure you'll looking for.  I hope you return in one piece.

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