• Teen deaths on the rise in Texas in car crashes.
  • Lack of seatbelts has been a major factor in these deaths.
  • Buckle up every time you sit in the car.

Sometimes as a teen, you feel like you have to buck the system. I get that teenage angst, but the one thing that should be non-negotiable is wearing your seatbelt.

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Teens haven't been around long enough to see the positive effects of wearing seatbelts in our society. Before the belts, even minor crashes could be deadly, despite cars moving much slower than they do today.

Car collisions continue to be the leading cause of death for teenagers in the United States. Teens being killed in crashes because they didn't wear a seatbelt is completely preventable.

Teach Your Teen The Importance Of Seatbelts

TxDOT's Teen Click It or Ticket campaign is urging all teens to buckle up - every seat, every ride. This is a big part of trying to #endthestreak of deaths every day on Texas roadways.

We have not had a day without an automobile death in the state for almost 25 years.

162 Preventable Texas Teen Deaths In 2022

144 unbuckled teens died in crashes in Texas in 2021. In 2022 that number increased to 162 deaths.

51% of teen deaths that year in automobile accidents were attributed to lack of a seatbelt. The TxDOT Teen Click It or Ticket campaign will travel the state this month to inform teens of the risk.

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They will learn about the Texas law that requires all drivers to wear seat belts. Unbuckled drivers and passengers, even in the back seat, can face fees and fines of up to $200.

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