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  • Tesla customers could only pay $30 a month to charge their vehicles
  • Select markets only
  • Powerwall owners in Texas are taking advantage

One of the great things about Texas is the power to choose your electric company.  Now Tesla has entered the fray of electric providers in the lone star state.

Everyone in Texas is familiar with how it works when you are getting electricity hooked up at a new home or apartment for the first time. You go to choosetexaspower.org and pick your provider.

In Dallas if you have a power outage, you call Oncor. If you are in Houston you call CenterPoint, regardless of the provider's name on your bill.

Tesla Electric Extended Invitations To Select Texas Powerwall Customers

Tesla Electric has already been made available by invitation to select customers in Dallas and Houston. There are a few conditions you have to meet to get signed up.

If you have a Powerwall in your Texas home and your choice of providers where you live, then you could one day be invited. Though Tesla has a huge manufacturing plant in Austin, the city provides most of the public utilities to their residents (it's a long story).

If you are eligible you should see a banner on your Powerwall home page in the Tesla app. If you do sign up there are lots of benefits like sellback credits, stable rates, and more control of your backup reserve.

Now they have taken it a step further to entice more customers to sign up. Soon they will be offering unlimited overnight charging for $30 a month. This should start in July here in Texas.


Tesla in Lubbock

The Tesla Addition at the Plaza Diner

It wasn't clear at first what they were doing at the Tops Plaza in New Paltz near the Plaza Diner. But this weekend things came into focus. For the last few weeks there has been some mysterious construction underway and now it is clear why.




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