When a new vehicle is as polarizing as Tesla Motors Cybertruck, how do you make it even more controversial? Many people have already attempted this with crazy wraps and custom wheels on the new Tesla truck.

In Houston, Texas car enthusiasts will always push the envelope. How do you make your Cybertruck stand out in the crowd?

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Vehicle wrap designs and 30-inch wheels were just the start. One company in Houston has just taken the Cybertruck all the way wild.

Texan Wire Wheel via TikTok
Texan Wire Wheel via TikTok

Texas Wheel Company Giving The Cybertruck Elbow Room

Houston slab culture has always asked why not instead of why.  According to carscoops, Texan Wire Wheels has done the unthinkable and put their 24-inch wire wheels on what some have called a rolling refrigerator.

Texan Wire Wheel via TikTok
Texan Wire Wheel via TikTok

Adding those "swangaz" or "elbows" to this already out-of-this-world truck has set the bar high for the most outlandish Cybertruck ever. The only advantage of these wheels is that chiropractors can make money fixing all the necks they snap.

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Love it or hate it, the Cybertruck does a great job of getting our attention. With more trucks being delivered, I am sure this won't be the last push to customize the fully-electric pickup.

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Whatever comes next, putting these very niche wheels that extend 20 inches or more from the tire on all kinds of vehicles will not stop. The pure shock value from seeing these chrome-plated spokes and gold spinners will never die in Houston.

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Texan Wire Wheel via TikTok
Texan Wire Wheel via TikTok

Now they should wrap it in candy red, and the look will be complete.

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