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For some Texans, graduating high school and going on to college is the best thing they have ever done in their life. Others look back on their college decisions much differently.

It's one thing to go to college, get a great job, and live happily ever after. It's quite another to go to college, never graduate, and still have thousands of dollars in outstanding college debt.

I can't imagine paying all that money and never graduating, or getting a good-paying job. In a recent ranking from avacadopost.com they took those factors and more into consideration and gave us a 50+ list of the worst colleges and universities in the U.S.

East Texas College Ends Up On U.S. Worst List 

Texas has many of the greatest colleges in the nation. Many students from around the country and the globe are clamoring to get admitted to them.

The fact that only one college in Texas made the list is actually better than most states. It wasn't even that high on the list.

48. Texas College


Texas College is in Tyler, Texas. Their 12% graduation rate and six-year average salary of just over $23,000 landed them on this list from avacadopost.com.

They also reported a loan debt amount of around $21,000.

Looking for a glimpse of hope, I noticed that the college has a football team. This season they have lost every game.

The first game of the season was against UT Permian Basin with a final score of 96-0. They seem to be getting better, and in a recent game against Oklahoma Panhandle State, they only lost by 12 points.

I am sure Texas College will turn all of this around, it's just one survey.  There are many graduates, faculty, and current students who will tell you this college is great and filling a real need for them.

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