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The Marvel Cinematic Universe has something for everyone. I watch every movie they put out and I enjoy them all fairly equally.

I might not get into the minutia of all of the fandom and memorize easter eggs for every movie, but I do consider myself a fan. If you were to ask me what my favorite Marvel movie was I would have to say, Iron Man.

I think it's because John Favreau is tapped directly into my brain and knows exactly what I want to see. He knows I want to see huge explosions and fancy cars, and Iron Man delivers all that and more for me.

What Do Texans Consider The Best Marvel Movie?

Living here in Texas I was hopeful that we were all in agreement that the Iron Man series of movies was the pinnacle of all things Marvel. A recent study based on google trend search data from Shane Co is telling a different story.

They aren't taking into account our all time, favorite Marvel movie, only what has been searched for within the past year. Even with another blockbuster Black Panther movie coming out this past year, Texans couldn't be swayed.

Black Panther was the most searched for overall, but Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness took the top spot in Texas. It was also top of the list in Florida, California, Arizona, Massachusetts, and Washington.

If you were wondering what Marvel movie to show at your next get-together in Texas, just put on a Dr. Strange movie. Someone told me I looked like Dr. Strange once, so I'll put that down as a win.

Take a look at the most popular Marvel movie by each U.S. state.

shane co
shane co

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