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  • It worked!
  • Did everyone get it?
  • This is a test.

Today at approximately 1:20 PM Central Standard Time in Texas The Nationwide Emergency Alert Test went out. Every electronic device connected to wifi, cell phone towers, or receiving a broadcast signal all went off at once.

I was driving when this all happened, and it was a lot to take in. The radio began with the EAS Beeping, and then my other devices started in concert.

My watch, phone, tablet, and even the screen in my car displayed the text "THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System". Haptic notifications were going off in tandem on my watch and my phone.

Nationwide Emergency Alert Was A Lot While Driving On Texas Roads

Luckily I was aware in advance of the test and knew exactly what was going on, so I just took note and went on about my drive. That seemingly gave me an advantage over other less-informed citizens driving on the road at the time.

I noticed a few cars starting to swerve in their lanes. There was one large black Suburban that must have tapped the brakes 10 times.

It made me think about all the possibilities of what could be going on inside. I imagined that large SUV full of people.

All the kids are on their tablets, and each with their own phones. Large families could have over 20 devices of varying volumes going off at once. I might have been tapping my brakes as well.

Did The Test Work For Everyone In Texas? 

If you missed this test, you were in the middle of nowhere with your phone in another county. More than ever the U.S. Government is able to alert us in case of an emergency.

I would say the test was a success and everyone I know got the notification. I just hope they never have to activate the alert system for real.

They will do another test in three years. Just long enough for all of us to forget what is going on.

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