I noticed driving past the Lufkin Mall last week, that they were ripping up the parking lot in an unexpected place. Right in front of the pickup stand for Chick-Fil-A. The removed area of concrete was way too small for a Texas Roadhouse, which I knew we were getting at some point. It was too close to the Boot Barn, and it's out in the middle, I was expecting the Roadhouse to be somewhere else.

Then something amazing happened. What started as a small patch of ripped up concrete, that could never be big enough for a 'Texas' anything, has evolved. You can tell by the pictures that they have removed what seems to be a pretty large area now. There is more than enough room for that restaurant now, and more. They even have started digging access to what will be the signage out by the loop as well.

So armed with the information that it was for sure the right size, I figured I would ask someone in the know. The nice lady working Lufkin Mall Chick-Fil-A service booth, was nice enough to confirm what I already thought. It's going to be a Texas Roadhouse.

TSM Lufkin

Message received loud and clear. I was correct. Now that the size and the space make sense to me. I think this puts to rest the exact location of where the restaurant will be. So no more speculation on that one. Now the next thing I need to know is when they will start hiring.

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